Effective Negotiation Strategy

Competition is sharper than it has ever been. The competitive advantage of being the first to get a product to market is shortening from years to months to weeks in some industries. Buyers are better negotiators than they used to be. Buyers are better informed than they have ever been.

The buyers to whom you and your salespeople sell have enormous pressure on them to squeeze your prices down even more. Unless your salespeople know how to negotiate well, you can lose profitability, even if sales volume continues to climb. Price pressure has become so great that the saying “Nothing happens until somebody sells something,” no longer tells the whole story.

Now we now have to amend that to, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something at a profit!”

Teaching salespeople to sell at higher margins is what this course is all about.


  • Negotiation-Some Practical Definitions
  • Identifying Opportunities For Negotiation
  • Disagreement And Conflict
  • Developing A Win/Win Philosophy
  • The Give/Get Principle Of Negotiating
  • Characteristics Of A Successful Negotiator
  • The 6 Basic Steps In Negotiating
  • Planning And Preparing For Negotiations
  • Expectations In Negotiation
  • Strategies And Tactics
  • Critical Mistakes In Negotiation
  • Preparation

Please contact adela.victoria@targetsalesacademy.com for further training information and reservation.


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