Excellent Customer Service


Quick, Fun Activities for Training
Customer Service Reps,
Salespeople, and
anyone Else Who Deals with Customers

The most important relationship your company has is the one between your customers and the employees they interact with either in person or on the phone. Whether you’re a trainer, manager, or supervisor, anything you can do to strengthen that relationship will ultimately benefit your organization in a number of ways.

The training games are fun, motivational activities centered around skill learning and skill use. They build confidence, lift morale, spark enthusiasm, stimulate creativity, and ultimately achieve results in the real-time customer service environment. We’ve consistently found that employees look forward to these games and become fully immersed while playing. You may be surprised which members of your department come to life when game time arrives!

We designed this training games for anyone who has a customer: customer service reps, sales reps, telemarketers, technical support reps, field technicians, cashiers, hospitality staff, etc.

This program will not only teach your employees to do their jobs better but will also inspire them to offer a level of service that brings new meaning and motivation to their jobs. In turn, this customer service excellence will help to set your company apart from – and above – the rest.

The program will immediately return your investment by improving your company’s reputation and prevent errors that can reduce customer loyalty.

  • Developing a Customer-focused Attitude
  • Verbal and Vocal Skills
  • Customer Service on Telephone
  • Excellence in the Face-to-Face Service Environment
  • Establishing Rapport with Every Customer
  • Focusing on the Customers Needs
  • Creative Ways to Customize Your Service
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Techniques to Up-sell and Cross-sell
  • Improving Service to Your Internal Customers

Please contact adela.victoria@targetsalesacademy.com for further training information and reservation.


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